President of the Brazilian Central Bank is elected one of the best in the world

Global Finance magazine highlighted Roberto Campos Neto’s performance as one of the best Central Bank presidents in the world

President of the Brazilian Central Bank is elected one of the best in the worldNOTÍCIAS

The president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, was elected one of the best Central Bank presidents in the world.

Campos Neto was rated „A“ for his performance in the criteria related to the performance of central bankers evaluated by Global Finance magazine.

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The awards ceremony will not be held this year due to the pandemic.

„I would like to say that this note A is for the Central Bank’s servers, who make very valuable deliveries to Brazilian society. I have learned a lot from everyone and am increasingly impressed with the standard of excellence of the Central Bank. In addition, the award is a consequence of work begun in the previous administrations of the Central Bank presidents,“ reported Campos Neto.

Global Finance magazine publishes „The Central Banker Report Cards“ annually, a ranking of central bank leaders from over 90 countries with grades ranging from A to F.

„Even in good times, central bankers face a number of challenges. Today, with a global health crisis around the world, they are squeezed between political and practical realities like never before,“ said Global Finance’s editorial director Joseph Giarraputo.

The other central bank presidents who received the top „A“ rating this year were those from Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, South Korea and Taiwan.

Campo Neto has been known as the president of the BC who „embraced“ innovation.

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Even before taking office as President of the BC, Campo Neto, in a Senate hearing already advocated innovation in the institution with digital payments and blockchain.

At that time, Campos Neto advocated that Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital identity, instant payments, open banking, among other innovations, would completely change business models and financial services.

And the line of innovation was the main adopted by the presenter with the prioritization of the BC# agenda that involved the accelerated development of PIX and Open banking.

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In addition to other innovations, Campos Neto has also been guiding the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC, for Brazil.

According to him, by 2022 Brazil will have a digital version of the Real that should be used mainly in foreign exchange operations and for tourism, both for foreigners to Brazil and for Brazilians abroad.